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Model: 64-00070
Realizacja zamówienia: 2 dni
EAN: 5903661800871
Wysyłka od: 30.00 PLN
Producent: boss of toys
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Exclusive Anal Jewelry made of stainless steel. High-quality stainless steel guarantees safety for your body. The cork is perfectly smooth, without sharp edges, and does not cause skin irritation.
Perfect for beginners and experienced lovers of anal play. Made of metal gives us the ability to cool or warm it to intensify the experience.
A beautiful diamond attached at the base is elegant and sensual.
The cork is perfectly profiled, the special anatomical shape facilitates the application.
The bulbous shape perfectly stimulates. And the narrow neck with a diamond base will allow the muscles to wrap around and hold the cork in place, preventing it from being absorbed.
Total length 9.5 cm
Diameter 3cm
Stylish packaging in the form of a suede case.
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i-Leasing - leasing online
i-Raty - raty online